King Rollo

Available for gigs, festivals and charity events

Rollo is available for:
۰ Community and Charity events.
۰ Commercial and Festival performances as a solo or duo performer and in various band formats.

Call 07599 131 149 now for availability.

“The world and language of music – and the friendship of musicians and artists – has kept me sane in an otherwise crazy world; whirling around during the time allotted me here on this tiny blue dot in space we know as Earth.  In that everything in physics is seen to resolve in vibration of one kind or another, I am of the kind that likes to Boogie. How about you?” 

King Rollo Music


“One of Britain’s finest acoustic blues performers”

King Rollo is a twenty-first century Troubadour who has toured UK and European clubs, festivals and pub venues, featuring Blues & Roots themes dispensing harmony to a jangled world (for about five decades so far)..

King Rollo Law & Rights

Law & Rights

People are assaulted every day by the legal demands and threats of others. Share Rollo’s journey of discovery and sharing, of the sources of our true laws, and how they are perverted by corporations..

King Rollo - Writings


Rollo’s essays, ramblings, thoughts and poetry, current journeys and past expressions..

Making life a better place…

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