Law & Rights

Assert your rights or you have none

We are every day assaulted by the demands and threats of others.
Share my journey of discovery, of the texts and sources of our real laws
and how they have been perverted by corporations to favour the greedy instead of the needy.

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Law & Rights Source Documents

Notice & Opportunity

There are some underlying principles to the application of the Rule of Law (as an alternative to the Rules of War) in which we seek to maintain a civilised and peaceful nation. One of these principles is the necessity to provide ‘Notice’ to someone threatening our peaceful existence, and an ‘Opportunity’ to do something about it to remedy the problem.

Assert your Rights or you have none. I do not and cannot provide any legal advice, but I can share with you some of the processes I have acquired and used in order to help protect myself, and others, from the devious criminal activity emanating from those who think the are better than the rest of us.

These Notices you can download and for use in your own cause and understanding.

  1. Self-Evident Truths
  2. Legitimate Expectation
  3. Conditional Acceptance
  4. Confirmation

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Law & Rights Library

Download the source documents which I have acquired which were necessary to an understanding of the challenges we face, together with some essential notices and forms and I have prepared to help protect ourselves from the wave of corporate fascism sweeping over the land; that which we as the real Sovereigns of the land of the living, where the blood flows the the flesh lives, the mind sings and the spirit soars.

Some documents refer to U.S. Law, you can decide how relevant they are to us.

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